What is Programmatic Email?

People check their email an average of fifteen times every day. As a result, Email Marketing is still the number one direct response marketing vehicle online. Campaigns are incomplete without an email component. Crestone DMS’ Programmatic Email Marketing product targets consumers based on shopping preferences,  interests, demographics, psychographics, purchasing history, location, interest, and more. A marketer can reach their specific target market by leveraging Our Email Marketing solution the same way they have used acquisition direct mail in the past.

home office, workstation, macbook airOur Partners use Programmatic Email Marketing the same way they have offered, leveraged, and sold direct mail in the past.  They start by understanding the ideal target market for their own campaign or a client’s campaign. They work with an Our team member or use our recommendation engine Proposals. Marketing to research the availability, scale, and cost of reaching the ideal target. With this information, they decide on a volume, target, and frequency for their email campaign. Many are also using address information from the email campaign to match back to client sales data, confirming ROI and justifying extension to great volume levels and frequency in the future.


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